Policies & Procedures

When signing up for courses offered by Pinnacle Real Estate Academy, students agree to the following Policies and Procedures. Each course will have students agree before continuing with the course.

  • Support: If you need INSTRUCTIONAL support (ex. clarification of material or assignments) please contact your instructor. The instructor will be available Monday-Friday during the business hours of 8am-4pm eastern time and will respond to all inquiries and questions within 1 hour, if not immediately.

  • Prerequisites: You must have a SC Real Estate license or hold a Realtors designation in order to receive credit for this course. Successful Completion Per the SC Real Estate Commission, you must complete 3 hours in order to receive credit. Along with the 3 hr requirements, there will be quizzes and an exam to assess what you have learned. You must pass the quizzes with a 100% to go to the next module and you must receive a 70% on the final exam to receive credit.

  • Tuition/Refund Policy: Once you have agreed to these terms, you acknowledge that you have forfeited a future refund and will have 6 months to complete the registered course.

  • Equipment/System Requirements: Students will be required to have an iPad/computer/smart phone with wifi or internet access to complete the course. Student may download attached PDF documents and follow along online or print PDF document if they desire.

  • Technical Support: For technical support please contact Pinnacle Real Estate Academy @ 843-410-3340

  • State Jurisdiction Requirements: All South Carolina Real Estate Agents/Realtors are required to complete 10 hours of Continuing Education every 2 years by June 30. This 3 hr Ethics course will count towards the electives needed to earn a collective 10 hours. If the student is a member of the Realtors Association, NAR requires all Realtors to complete 2.5 hrs of Ethics every 3 years. When completing this course, the student will have earned 3 hrs of CE credit for the State and 2.5 hrs of Ethics credit for NAR. Pinnacle Real Estate Academy will submit completion certificates to both organizations for student credit.

  • Testing Policy: When an exit exam is required to received credit, a passing grade of 75% is required. Cheating will NOT be tolerated; student will forfeit their ability to take the exam.

  • Learner Identity: By signing below, acknowledging you have read the following policies, you are also attesting to the learner’s identity and completion of this course. Under no circumstances, is anyone allowed to take a course for someone else under another identity.