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Required Courses For Real Estate License

*In order to obtain a Real Estate License the Pre-Licensing and Advanced Principles Courses must be completed. Once classes are completed students must apply to the Real Estate Commission to take their state exam.

SC - Continuing Education Courses

*10 Hours of Continuing Education are required to renew a license.
Take all 3 classes below to complete your requirements of the Real Estate Commisson and NAR.

A Variety of Courses
to Fit Your Needs

Pinnacle offers a range of courses to help you keep up to date with your real estate license. Our self-paced courses with real live instructors will keep you engaged during your course experience.


  • How do I find when my license expires?

    Either you can find this date on your SC Real Estate Commission Pocket Card or go to www.llronline.com/re and walk through a few simple steps.

  • How do I know what CE hours I've completed?

    The Real Estate Commission has created an account for all Real Estate Agents on www.CEBroker.com. Log on to CEBroker.com, create a username and password to see what hours you have completed. NOTE: This website is FREE, you must scroll to the bottom to click on the FREE version.

  • When do I need to have my fingerprinting/background check done for my renewal?

    All licensees who are due to renew in 2021 and 2022 will be required to be fingerprinted and have the background checks conducted. If you are inactive but plan to reactivate again within the next six years after these renewal cycles, it would be of benefit to also get fingerprinted as the Commission will need clearance prior to reactivating. Fingerprinting will be conducted again for all renewing in 2027 and 2028 if still required by law. If you are renewing in one of these cycles, please wait until instructions have gone out to begin fingerprinting. Please do not get fingerprinted in 2021 if you are not due to renew until the 2022 renewal cycle as clearance dates will be important in auditing compliance.